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jenny ducki

Hotel Manager

Sentido Alpenhotel Kaiserfels

"We are really happy with the collaboration with Digital Expand. The communication goes very well and the content achieves an unusually high level of engagement with our followers. Thank you Nicolas - we look forward to everything that comes and your further creative input."

leonita baftiri

Head of Marketing
Hotel Himmelrich

"The collaboration with Digital Expand for the video production and video editing was extremely positive. The videos met our expectations and were well received by the audience. Effective communication, professional editing and skillful cutting led to an impressive final result."

anders bolin

engagement producer,

Guiding Innovators

"Working with Nico was a huge help for our company; he knew exactly how to fine-tune our content to engage the most on the platforms we launched campaigns on - Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. A great resource and quick to deliver."
Spaceship _edited_edited.jpg

Why you should present your hotel with videos...

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This is how we reach 500 - 2000 new potential guests on Instagram and Facebook every month with
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